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The CombiScope FTIR 400 is an integrated raw milk analysis system consisting of a LactoScope FTIR spectrometer, a SomaScope Flow Cytometer with a sample preparation unit and an electric conveyor under the control of a proprietary software package. Raw milk can be analysed for fat, protein, lactose, total solids or solids non-fat as well as somatic cell count. Options include freezing point for accurate determination of freezing point.
Designed to meet the raw milk analysis needs of dairy herd improvement & payment laboratories. Analysis speed: maximum 400 samples per hour.

Standard features

  • Fat (b), protein, lactose, total solids, solid non-fat as well as somatic cell measurement in raw milk
  • Sample preparation unit
  • LactoScope FTIR spectrometer
  • Auto zero & cleaning
  • Automatic dryer
  • SomaScope Flow Cytometer
  • Linear conveyor with sample stirrer
  • Computer with software for data logging
  • 3 linear racks
  • Spare parts kit
  • User' Guide
  • Printer
  • 220V/50Hz


Automated cleaning and calibration control
Data management DataScope
This program can be "tailor-made", according to the customer 's specific requirements.
Easy maintenance and rapid upgrading due to modular construction
Cost effective and proven reliability
Outstanding calibration transferability through patented FTIR technology
Closed circuit 'Sample Preparation Unit' for the most accurate measurements of somatic cell count
CombiScope FTIR 400 samples per hour
Rack system adjustable to the system of the customer

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