LactoScope FTIR Manual   

The LactoScope FTIR is a complete dairy analyzer based on Fourier Transform spectroscopy. Products range from fluid milk and cream to cultured products and ice creams can be analysed for multiple components. For enhanced stability an automatic dryer is available.

Designed to meet the needs of dairy processors for analysis of a variety of milk and liquid dairy products.

Standard features

  • Fat (a), protein, lactose and total solids measurement
  • Unlimited product files capacity
  • High viscosity pump system
  • Auto zero & cleaning
  • Sample preheating
  • Computer with software for data logging
  • Spare parts kit
  • User's Guide
  • Printer
  • 220V/50Hz


Proven reliability
Versatile through broad spectrum of applications
Low operation costs
Analyzes cold samples
Analyzes even highly viscous products
Unlimited number of products
Automated cleaning and zero setting
Ultimate stability on performance through optional dryer system
User friendly software in multiple languages
Quality Assurance trough calibration registration (Good Laboratory Practice)
Outstanding calibration transferability through patented FTIR technology
Remote diagnostics and calibration support via PC and modem
Easy maintenance due to modular construction
Freezing point determination (optional) based on infra red and conductivity
(after Koops et al.)